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Felicitas Hoffmann

Process engineer, filling

I’ve been working as a process engineer at BioNTech since 2017. I’ve actually been wanting to get myself a company bike for a long time—BioNTech offers bikes for hire. For the time being, though, that’s no more than a nice idea... I currently get here by car at around 8:00 AM.

9:00 AM In the middle of the process

As an engineer, I’m generally responsible for the production process behind the scenes, but I'm often right at the heart of it too. Only this way can I consider and account for any critical points. Production at BioNTech means working in the clean room, including hygiene clothing.

10:30 AM Everything is running smoothly in the lab

My focus is on the filling process of our individualized tumor vaccines—here, every move has to be just right. I’ve even been able to do truly pioneering work here: Even before the first machines were on site, I was the one drawing up the process, establishing it and now I continue to optimize it.

11:10 AM A team that rocks!

At BioNTech I’m part of a team that doesn’t feel guilty about having a good laugh! Each team is made up of a process expert (in this case, that's me), two team and shift leaders, and 10 ‘operators’. The atmosphere is great, and you can always rely on support when you need it.

2:45 PM Taking a break with my colleagues

When we can all time it, its great to take a short coffee break with my colleagues here on site from time to time. We’re a mixed bunch here made up of young blood and old hands, but each of us well experienced in the pharma industry. Other teams also have career changers, from the food production industry, for example.

3:45 PM We've got a problem to solve over here please!

The shift leader is standing in my office—that means a problem has cropped up. Then it’s my job to find a quick but sustainable solution. That can be tricky at times, but of course it’s also a lot of fun. And, being on call, I can be there if everything has just stopped working.

5:20 PM Home time!

Originally, I wanted to be an interior designer, but then I studied biotechnology and realized that this was much better suited to me. I find it great that now I can contribute my knowledge at BioNTech: curing cancer, and the IVAC project in particular has given me the feeling every day that I’m doing something meaningful and important.

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